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Moonchild’s Melodic Sound with “Little Ghost”

Posted on September 17, 2019

Modern Neo-Soul trio Moonchild is a coterie that does not emblaze its own image in the current R&B scene. They dream their way into their accruing success with disciplined patience. The essence of their music is patience. Patient beauty that maneuvers through its journey with rarefied lightheartedness and joy for existence. Little Ghost is their latest release which is compact with fourteen compositions. Moonchild have received minimal notoriety for their previous efforts, Voyager (2017) and Please Rewind (2015).

Little Ghost is their attempt at containing their signature noise with a curiosity for slight experimentation. Navran’s vocals are as vulnerable and accepting as ever. Her vocals ride along Bryk and Mattson’s blissful instrumentation effortlessly, submerging itself in the dreamy and mush landscape this album paints. More so with Voyager but no less of an exception here, Little Ghost plays safe for the most part, allowing a few avenues open for adventure. Each track on this album has its own personality, displaying Moonchild’s capability for creative expansion.

On Little Ghost, the first few compositions up until Strength play safe and don’t take many risks. Strength has a catchy bassline enveloped by Navran’s immaculate voice and Bryk and Mattson’s melting keys. Another highlight of the album is the track Get To Know It. The keys pitch down and up, swaying from side to side along with the graceful pattern of the drums and snares. Probably one of the more outstanding compositions from Moonchild’s discography is the track Come Over. The track starts off with sultry chords, which then eludes to Navran’s vocals and a catchy beat pattern.

Little Ghost, although a decent effort, is not their most daring project either. Voyager found a way to make Neo-Soul sound adventurous and fresh, while Little Ghost faintly strays away from that ambition. Nonetheless, Little Ghost is a decent catalog to one of modern R&B’s more adverse groups.



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