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Moooore Dubstep!


So a good friend of mine recently upload a crap-ton of music onto my little Acer netbook and to be honest, I hadn’t really gotten around to listening to it.

That is, not until now.

I have a nodding acquaintance with dubstep. Oh, I’ll rock out to it, no lie. I just don’t any good bands beyond Deadmaus, Skrillex and…well, that’s actually all that comes to mind right now! But I DO comes across some great ones stalking Youtube vids for good dances.

This one, however, came from my friend. It’s by Nero, a band I hadn’t heard of up to now. But it’s a music trio with two musicians and a female vocalist who decided to mess around with electronic music, pretty well, as it turns out.  And they’re British (fangirling!) so I think they’re alright.

Here’s ‘Promises’ by Nero. And since I can’t seem to figure out how to upload my own song up here, you get to enjoy a music video the old-fashioned way. HAPPY WEEKEND!!



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