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Morning Cat

Bright sunlight hits my face and I can feel it through my eyelids. I peek my eyes open and wait for my pupils to constrict. Once adjusted, I open them fully and look around the room. Same as usual except there's flowers on the kitchen island and the dog is staying with her GG Ma. My home is so peaceful when she’s not around. She’s so big and crazy. You never know what she's capable of or gonna do next. We’re on better terms than we used to be but I still keep an eye on her. I get a good stretch in by arching my back with arms forward and then extending one leg back at a time and shaking my head for good measure. I hop off the couch where I was sleeping and walk across the room, down the hallway to get some water. I see my sister there and we make eye contact for a few seconds. I walk back down the hallway and stop in the bathroom to use the litter box. After I pee, I shake the litter off my paws and get it all over the bathroom floor for good measure. Once I’m done I trot back to the couch and settle in to get in a much needed nap.


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