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When some of your friend are in a music group, and you write blog posts for UIC radio, it’s kind of expected that you write a blog post about them. And I know what you’re probably thinking, that I’m probably just a biased source promoting my own friends. And you’re right, but you should also know that I wouldn’t write about Oracle if I didn’t honestly believe they were great. Oracle’s genre would float around the hip hop area, but their sound is  very unique. The group consists of six members, Ibraheem, Zack, Nick G, Nick W, Rachel, and Dwayne.

Oracle is a great music group for multiple reasons, but one of them is their ability to grow. The growth they’ve shown since they first got together as a band is amazing, because though they were pretty good when they first started, I think it is amazing how their music has improved over time. The first song they put up on their SoundCloud is called Reverie, which the band rapper Ibrah describes as a daydream about someone you care for, but someone who also isn’t around any longer.

Oracle is a great group to see perform too. Last year Oracle performed at UIC Radio’s event Battle of the Bands, and overall and were amazing. But though I thought they deserved to win, they did end up losing. If you want to ever see them perform, they also sometimes perform at the Young Chicago Authors, located at 1180 North Milwaukee.

Here is their newest released song Like Love.

You can also check out their website


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