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My Chemical Romance Officially Says “So Long and Goodnight”– “Greatest Hits&

A little less than a year after the emo-esk rock band announced their disbandment, My Chemical Romance has released a previously unheard track named “Fake Your Death.”

The song is included as a part of their new greatest hits collection, “May Death Never Stop You,” that will be released March 25. MCR’s official page says the album will include “unearthed demos and over two hours of never-before-seen video footage.”

The video for “Fake Your Death” is clearly reminiscent of MCR’s successful career, but also seems to be a tribute to their fan’s inability to accept the band’s end.

When MCR first announced their split fans were surprised, to say the least. Unrelenting fans responded with a petition that read, “They need to do it correctly if they’re going to do it at all.” The petition demanded that MCR have one last world tour to say goodbye.

Although MCR did not heed the petition, “May Death Never Stop You” and “Fake Your Death” seem to attempt to give their long-time fans some closure.

Ray, Gerard, Frank, and Mike all released a statement in December that said, “we look at this collection as a celebration of our best songs, and hope the memory of them continues to bring joy to you all as they have for us.”

“Fake Your Death” is now available for purchase on ITunes.

Check out the MCR “Greatest Hits” Trailer with the song “Fake Your Death”


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