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  • Veronica Trax

My Favorite “Dad” Songs

I can’t be the only one whose dad plays his favorite rock songs all the time. My dad is a musically inclined individual so these songs were not only played from his ipod/phone, but then translated to him playing them on guitar with me singing along. Usually you would think that it is annoying to hear your dad’s playlist over and over again, but to me it became enjoyable. These songs have become memories that remind me of my childhood and my dad. Here are a few of my favorite songs from my dad’s playlist.  

“Heaven” by Warrant

This song is an oldie but goodie. I have so many memories of my family singing this song in the car throughout the years. I love this song because it is easy to listen to and it is fun to sing along with. This song has a tender demeanor to it and combines guitar solos with light drumming to create a warm feeling.

“Come Together” by The Beatles

What I like most about this song is the instrumental because it has a funky warped “shhhhh” sound. The instrumental makes this song very vibey and intriguing. I also enjoy the lyrics because they are catchy and have historical meaning to them. Apparently John Lennon composed this song in support of a political rally.

“Dream On” by Aerosmith

I’m sure you have heard this record. This is another song that brings a flood of memories back to me. What I like about this song the most is the lyrics and vocals. I love how Steven Tyler uses a big vocal range and a  raspy style. I think this song gives off a meaningful message as well: to follow your dreams.

“So Far Away” by Avenged Sevenfold 

This is at the top of my favorites because this song has a strong, yet peaceful build up to it. The song feels emotional because it moves from slow to a break of angst back to slow and so on. I love the guitar solo and lyrics as well because both combine and create flow. This song will capture your intention and have you head-bopping.

“Familiar Taste Of Poison” by Halestorm

This is one of my favorite songs of all time and I listen to it probably 3 (or more) times a week! I just love how emotional this song is. The piece melts eerie and upbeat feelings together. I love how Lzzy Hale (the singer of the band) tells a story with her voice by singing softly and then belting. I just love everything about this song.

Thanks dad for showing me these songs and I hope you all enjoy these hits!


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