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  • Gayathri Tummala

My Thanksgiving in Chicago

I have only seen Thanksgiving in shows and movies and know of it through social media, but I never dreamed I would be in a country celebrating Thanksgiving. I know what the holiday symbolizes, but now that I am so far away from home, I truly understand the festival and its significance.

Thanksgiving is family time, the time for gratitude, to remember the year we had, and to carry the joy through Christmas and the New Year. As a student in a foreign country, I thought of what we could do for the holidays. I went to the Thanksgiving dinner held by the university and tasted the famous turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. Although we missed the Thanksgiving parade, we went to the Christmas market in Chicago and got to see the very ending of the parade.

We took another day to see the Christmas tree that was lit up in Millennium Park and were looking forward to riding the CTA holiday train.


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