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NBA Youngboy Back at It Again with Latest Project Al Youngboy 2

Trinity Jackson | Posted on October 17, 2019

Pictured above is NBA Youngboy with his son, Kamiri.

Pictured above is NBA Youngboy with his son, Kamiri.

Following his last project in 2018, Rap-Artist NBA Youngboy releases his second album.

After 12 successful projects, Youngboy Never Broke Again dropped his second album on October 11th, 2019, titled, Al Youngboy 2. Youngboy is known for his intense lyrics and for being the embodiment of a Baton Rouge King. The 19-year-old artist’s take on drugs, violence, and sexuality in his music helped him gain a supportive fan base and his collaborations with other artists and music producers have cemented his name.

With 18 tracks, only one of which includes a feature, Al Youngboy 2 provides listeners with tough lyrics and hard beats. You’ll find yourself bumping your head to these tracks while saying, “this beat goes crazy!” Most tracks like “Rebel’s Kick It,” provide his well-known gangsta energy, but Youngboy didn’t forget about all the “ruff-riding” lovebirds out there. Tracks like, “Ranada and I Don’t Know” might expose your inner romantic-thug. Youngboy, if you’re reading this, what is the hotline number we’re supposed to dial after we’ve sent an “I miss you” text?

After you’ve finished looking at that “read at 12:01 A.M.” message on your phone, plug in your headphones and play “Lonely Child.” “I just wanna be loved. Don’t nobody understand me,” he says in the intro. He tells listeners that his personality has been seen as dangerous and the media doesn’t allow him to be himself. The 3-minute track continues with lyrics that express the pain he’s encountered throughout his rise to fame.

If you’re a Chicago native like myself, you might have a specific playlist you listen to while driving down Lake Shore Drive. When you update this playlist, add “Self Control.” In the words of NBA Youngboy himself, you’ll “neeeeed it!” This song might even give you Saturday night, “popping out with the guys” vibes.

If you’re like me, you might play the laid-back R&B love songs 20% of the time. The other 80% of your playlist might include a loud bass, crazy lyrics, and a cold-hearted demeanor. This is actually funny considering I’m very sensitive and can’t relate to much of the music I play.

If you’re interested in adding more music that brings out your inner romantic-yet-tough attitude, Al Youngboy 2 is a great start. Period!

Sincerely, the Sensitive Thug.



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