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Nitzer Ebb with Panterah at Metro

Nitzer Ebb with Panterah at Metro

Nitzer Ebb, with opener Panterah, performed at Chicago’s Metro on November 18, and I have never enjoyed myself at a concert as much as this one. It was such an exhilarating experience! My legs and feet were exhausted after the concert from all the jumping and stomping. Seeing Nitzer Ebb live is a must for any fan.

Panterah opened the night by performing on top of a box in the center of the stage. She maneuvered around like a snake entrancing everyone to keep their focus. Panterah looked like an acolyte of Siouxsie Sioux wearing a reptilian coloured latex — which really added a great charm to the performance. The hissing vocals, pulsating beats, and bleak synths all combined for a fantastic opening.

Nitzer Ebb followed up with a brutal, energetic force. They opened the show with “Blood Money” and kept this momentum going until the end of the concert. I loved the club feel of their set and they achieved this by having the songs — almost in a way — fade into each other. From “Blood Money” all the way to “Lightning Man” there was not a single pause in the music to disrupt the flow. In the beginning, the music was very low, which was not the fault of the group. Thankfully, the venue heard our cries to raise the volume and it all got even better from there.

Douglas sounded and looked as suave as ever, taking control of everyone’s attention. Hearing each song live had an extra kick to really get you moving. I really wish I was bold enough to have entered the pit, but I had as much enjoyment jumping and moving in my own space. “Lightning Man” and “Murderous” were fantastically electrifying to hear live, but the highlight was their anthem “Join in the Chant.” The smooth transition from “Shame” into “Join in the Chant” was exhilarating. Everyone was yelling together in unison with the lyrics, and Doug was joined by Bon for the song. The first encore is also worth mentioning as Bon Harris and David Gooday had their turn with providing vocals. Bon did a very mellow and elegant rendition of  “Violent Playground” and David belted with great spirit “Alarm.” 

Nitzer Ebb will continue their North American tour until December 5 in Houston, Texas.  Unfortunately, Douglas McCarthy won’t be in attendance for the remaining North American dates due to being hospitalized for a pre existing non-COVID related illness. That should not discourage you from seeing the group, as Bon Harris can definitely still bring the same energy with his vocals. You can purchase tickets here for the remaining concert dates. 


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