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  • Vivica Bofah

Nostalgia Now: MONSTOBER Edition

Halloween is coming around again, and the first thing I did this month followed a constant theme I have set for years. I checked Pinterest for costume inspiration! After going back and forth for days, I decided on my costume: Medusa. But, during my search, my feed brought up media that called for Nostalgia Now: MONSTOBER.

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Horror movies put me on the edge of my seat; there are always opportunities to level up my costume year after year; and of course, candy. As a kid, my Halloween often consisted of running home to turn on the TV, and the Disney Channel was

my go-to channel. I even felt inclined to watch ad after ad for the spooky theme. I loved watching the Halloween episodes of shows like Austin and Ally, Shake it Up, and Ant Farm, or the original movies like Girl vs. Monster, Twitches, and Halloweentown. I would even wait until my parents went to sleep to turn on the brick of a TV in my room to watch throwback Halloween episodes of shows like That's So Raven and Lizzie Maguire. Shout out to my girl Nickelodeon, but she couldn't even hold a torch to what Disney was doing.

Thinking back to this time always puts a smile on my face, and I hope it puts a smile on yours. As a college freshman, even as I search for a Halloween costume, my past continues to pop up in little, beautiful ways. Whether you were a Disney fanatic or a Nick kid, Halloween was a time for everyone to be excited and entertained. Sometimes, I even miss the clown sightings, which my friends strongly disagree with.

Overall, I hope that you remember this Halloween that you are never too old to celebrate your past and don't forget to love those beautiful moments while also moving on with the future.

Also, can we stop with the Christmas media that is slowly creeping up? Let Halloween have its moment; Mariah Carey can wait!


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