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Oh!!! But It’s Ralph Tho!!! Kanye West x Ralph Lauren NYFW 2015


During an interview on Sway In The Morning, back in 2013, Kanye West spoke the infamous phrase “IT AINT RALPH THO!!”. This phrase blazed the social media with mad memes, making his love for Lauren’s work known to the world. When the two icons met at New York Fashion Week this year, it was a big moment in both the Fashion and Hip Hop culture. Lauren greeted West happily, as his son David Lauren took timeless photos of the two icons backstage at Ralph Lauren’s Fall 2015 Fashion Show. It’s awesome to see Ralph humbly accept West’s admiration and appreciation for his brand. Would be dope to see the two collab on some designer ish…. I’m sure West would agree…. imjustsayin!!!!


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