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On the Inside (Looking Out)

How to get all those outdoor sensations from indoors

“It’s cold outside,” is something everyone in the Midwest should be saying with the recent snow storm and low temperatures traversing through the cities and towns. But you shouldn’t let that stop you from getting out, right? Wrong. If you choose to go outside for extended periods of time you run the risk of losing a limb to frostbite or worse…being cold. Besides what are you really missing from the outdoors: The sights and sounds? The unique atmosphere? The freezing cold? Ha, just kidding about that last one but what if I were to tell you that all you’re missing can be regained by simply watching some videos, all from the warm safety of your house. Let me introduce you to a trend of videos I like to call “hearing a song from inside your house that sounds like it’s coming from outside your house.” Catchy, right?

Ok so this (and many others) could be considered creepy, but there’s a certain kind of charm that makes this sorta satisfying. Grab some headphones and judge for yourself.

This one’s probably my favorite. Who knew that adding rain as a backdrop could bring so much more to an already impactful song? Now you do (just give it a listen).

And last but not least, I promised you the unique atmosphere of the outdoors and here it is. Nothing more unique than the sound of music finding its way into the bathroom of a party!



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