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OVO Fest or Meek Mill’s Funeral?

So for those who don’t know OVOFest was this weekend. OVOFest is an annual concert hosted and curated by Drake. His recent beef with Meek Mill was expected to be highlighted at OVOFest and needless to say Drake did not disappoint.

Take a look below at the clips of Drake’s performing “Back2Back.” Is this the nail in the coffin?? Is there any chance that Meek can comeback somehow?? Let Me Know…

Drake No?!

@Drake performing #ChargedUp at #OVOFest — BigHomieFelipe (@bighomiefelipe) August 4, 2015

Why Meek…Why?!

Back To Back #OVOFest — STASHED® (@theSTASHED) August 4, 2015

Than this happen! Lord save him!

.@Drake comes out charged up, singing “Back to Back” #OVOfest 🙏 — The Source Magazine (@TheSource) August 4, 2015

Can I open my eyes now?

😭"You did it to yourself boy" @drake coming for @MeekMill #OVOFest

— V.I.P Only (@VIPVidz) August 4, 2015

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