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Paper Girls Is the Series That Every Comic Lover Should Read

© Paper Girls

Paper Girls is a fun, new comic series!

This week, I’m taking a step back from digital media, to throw it back to an older media form-books-but not just any books, comic books.

Paper Girls is a mystery/science fiction comic book series written by Brian K. Vaughan (also know for the comic series Saga), and illustrated by Cliff Chiang. It is published by Image Comics. The series follows four 12-year-old paper delivery girls, set in the year 1988, and in the fictional  Stony Stream, a fictional suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. The morning of November 1st, the town is struck by a mysterious force from the future, and the girls are eventually caught up in the conflict.

© Paper Girls

The series follows four girls, three of whom are friends, and one new girl. Each one has their own fleshed out personality as well. Erin Tieng, is the newest member of Stony Stream, and of the newspaper delivery business. She tends to be the “mother figure” of the group. MacKenzie “Mac” Coyle is a tomboy, who smokes and swears quite often. She was the first one to become a paper delivery girl in the town and is often quite snarky. It’s revealed she is homophobic, especially after her friend comes out to her. Karina “KJ” J. is considered to be the “smart one” of the group. She attends a private school, is Jewish and plays field hockey. She constantly uses her field hockey stick as a weapon. She eventually finds out she is a lesbian and comes out to Mac, which then puts a strain on their relationship. And finally, there is Tiffany Quilkin. Tiffany is an African American girl, who is adopted and loves video games. She is obsessed with the walkie talkies the girls use to communicate with one another. There are many other characters, both from the future and the past, but the girls are the central part of the story. They time travel, to both the past and the future, and learn of their different fates, and try their best to change them, all while dealing with the conflict around them.

© Paper Girls

I am always looking for new comics to read, and happened to see the first volume of this series. I picked it up and liked the cover, and the description it gave on the back. I read it and fell in love. It’s easily one of my new favorite comic series. Image Comics also produces Saga, another great comic series, and Image has easily grown to be my favorite comic distributor. The stories in Paper Girls are enjoyable, and fun, and so are the characters. The art and coloring are beautiful as well. The mystery/science fiction aspect to it, always adds to the story. The things the girls go through, really makes you feel for them. Having the protagonists as twelve-year-old girls is different but works. It’s different from the conventional adult hero in comics and gives something people who read it can relate to. These girls are still trying to find out who they are, (and seeing a glimpse into the future doesn’t help), and are kids we can all relate to. They sometimes don’t make the best choices, and argue with one another, but come together when they truly need to. 

© Paper Girls

So, if you like comics, I highly recommend giving Paper Girls a read! It’s a great story, created by a great storyteller, and a great comic publisher. There is nothing to dislike about the story, or the series itself. So go pick up a copy today!!!

“The world is a terrifying place, more than I ever realized. But if I had my whole life to do over again, that’s literally the only thing I’d change. I’d stop being so afraid of other people.” –Paper Girls volume 2

© Paper Girls

Rating: 9/10

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