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Party like its 2003!

Things are beginning to look like it’s 2003 all over again.With the return of Missy Elliott during the Super Bowl Halftime show and gas being $2.00 a gallon, it sure feels like we fell into a time machine. Let’s take a look back at some of the hits of 2003. Who knows what memories these songs will bring back.

Hey guys! So how many of you caught the Halftime Super Bowl performance on Sunday? While Katy Perry was the main act of the show, we all know who captured our hearts….Missy Elliott. When the stadium went dark and you began to hear a few notes from Get Ur Freak On, you know that inside you were screaming like a 15 year old fan girl. Once she finished her performance everyone went into a nostalgia of the early 00’s and it took over social media like a wild forest fire. Now that we all have begun to reminisce about some of the good ol’ days let’s take a look back at some of the songs that took over 2003, when Missy had two singles on the billboard charts.

Work It by Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott had already established herself in the music business long before this hit came out. Work It, however, is considered to be one of Missy’s top hits next to Get Ur Freak On, which came out back in 2001, and Lose Control, which came out two years after this chart topper. The sweet dance moves in this video, as well as the clothes, sum up 2003 pretty well and will make you want to bring back your denim outfits.

Ignition by R. Kelly

Now this tune would become everyone’s go to Valentine/Grinding song and it still is till this day! R. Kelly’s smooth voice and hypnotic beats made this song become a necessity on their playlists. Then with his scandal that happened at the time this song was released, it became that much more popular.

Crazy In Love by Beyoncé

Considered to be one of Beyoncé’s best songs and performances, Crazy in Love easily climbed its way to the top 100 songs of the year. But this wasn’t Beyoncé’s only hits of the year she also had ’03 Bonnie and Clyde that she performed with Jay-Z. This song was every girl’s go to song in the club and pumped up the whole crew to own the dance floor.

Stacey’s Mom by Fountains of Wayne

Now this song was one of those guilty pleasure songs that you didn’t want to admit that you absolutely loved.  This song can be considered one of best songs to dedicate to moms who are hotter than their kids. Just like the poor girl in the video, who is totally oblivious to her crushes true intentions, but we love it.

Cry me a river by Justin Timberlake

This song is JT’s first solo chart topper and gave the world a little sample of what this up and comer was capable of doing. While JT sang his way into our hearts with NSYNC he established himself as his own man with this song.

These are just a few songs of our past but there are so many more! What are some of your favorite songs from 2003? Anything special you guys want me to talk about next week? Let me know! Well till next time guys, keep partying on!


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