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Peets Coffee and Tea Coming To University Village!


Attention all coffee lovers! For those of you who live near campus, I’m sure you noticed the abrupt closing of Caribou Coffee towards the beginning of summer. Well, weep no more because Peets Coffee and Tea will be replacing Caribou at the 811 W Maxwell Street location and  is having its grand opening this Saturday from 11am -2pm. During this time frame, Peets will be offering its entire beverage menu for FREE and tons of samples of its delicious pastry options.

Yes, you read it correctly! Everything will be completely FREE this Saturday from 11am -2pm. Yours truly just so happens to be a brand new Retail Associate for the company and is here to let the world know that Peets Coffee and Tea is absolutely delicious and that everyone should check out this California based coffee shop that prides its self on is Grade A coffee beans and top quality drinks. Both I and the rest of the team have been training for nearly six weeks to make sure that we make drinks that will keep the customers coming back. So if you’re free this Saturday, feel free to stop by and grab  some FREE coffee and pastries because I guarantee you won’t regret it!

PS. The photo on the left is of a Cappuccino I made during training last week. I know its pretty vain and obnoxious to post my own work but its just an example of the quality to expect once you enter Peets Coffee and Tea.

Hope everyone comes and checks Peets out!



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