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Plan B!!!!!

Reggaeton duo Chencho y Maldy, better known as Plan B made their way to Chicago on Friday, January 30th for their Love and Sex Tour!!!!

As a huge fan of reggaeton, this was a concert that I was unwilling to miss and despite the Chicago cold, I found myself front and center and ready for the dynamic duo. But my excitement soon dwindled when it took them over four hours to get onstage. The doors opened at 7:30pm and the concert was scheduled to end between 1:30 and 2:00am so we assumed the pair would be onstage by 12am and boy were we wrong.

The theater was packed with excited fans anxiously waiting for the “Frikitona” rappers as soon as the doors opened. We walked in to a DJ mixing Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and Reggaeton to get the party going so the vibe was great, then two local reggaeton artists (whose names escape me) opened for the pair around 9ish…then that was it. Other DJs spun beats for several hours and the crowd grew restless. The first DJ was on for over an hour but the mood was good and the vibe was still fun so he was welcomed and applauded.

Towards the end of his set, he announced that Plan B was in the house and the crowd grew even more anxious, mostly because people had been there since 7:30 and it was now well past 10. A few of Plan B’s entourage came on stage to hype the crowd up and encourage cheers and screams….then that was it. Another DJ setup and stayed on stage til about 12:30am and that is when things grew slightly hostile, at least in the standing room section.

angry face blog

People were hot, sweaty, tired, hungry (at least I was), impatient, and anxious. Several hours had passed since the opening act and the hypemen so we were just annoyed. At least two fights broke out which I blame entirely on too many people and no show to distract them other then a DJ and strobe lights (which do more harm than good in my opinion). The DJ was booed for several minutes and chants of “Plan B!!!” rang through the theater, then finally it happened. The pair’s personal DJ set up and the show started FINALLY!!! I am pretty sure it was close to 1 in the morning at this point.

But something about their talent turned the crowd around and the boos changed to cheers, the pushing and shoving stopped and the dancing started. And all the angry glares turned into smiling, singing faces. They dominated the show and all of a sudden the wait was worth it. They belted out several classics including the old school “Guatauba” and several hits like “Es Un Secreto,” “Si No Le Contesto,” “Ella Se Contradice,” Te Dijeron,” and “Candy”

Despite the several hour wait, the concert was worth every second and the crowd sang every song louder than the rappers themselves. My only recommendation is that they have more opening acts to distract us from the wait time until they get on stage. My videos came out horrible quality so I can’t upload, but I will keep trying so you guys can enjoy the show as much as I did!!!!! Regardless of their tardiness, I still LOVE them and will pay to see them all over again!!!



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