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  • Margarita Mejia

Pre-viewing Thoughts on 'Beau is Afraid' [2023]

I’ve been starving to see a great A24 movie in cinemas and as I was exploring movie trailers, I stumbled upon Beau is Afraid. This Ari Aster directed film is one I’m looking forward to viewing by the end of the month.

I think the shots that were supercut into the trailer were very indulging to see. Although I’m confused by the storyline, it seems as though (like many well-written plots) it evolves into a beautiful orchestra of dramatic elements that include raw-like expressions by none other than the talented Joaquin Phoenix, that are tied together with eerie yet vibrant spectacles of the sets. The floating illustrative-looking angel. The editing and song choice of the trailer itself were also captivating in the sense that they theatrically fit together.

There’s a part in the trailer that almost repeats itself (ooooh, perhaps a theme!) in which Beau is constantly trying to “go back home.” He’s stuck and trying to escape and I feel that most of us have been in dark places where we try to escape. I think the plot and themes are going to be deeply psychological and have subtle metaphorical elements.

It’s been quite some time since my last viewing of a Joaquin Phoenix performance and seeing a horror movie, so I’m very excited to experience watching this eye-catching one.

--- Margarita Mejia



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