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Presenting Oj-Da Music…

Okay, so the last few weeks, I have dedicated some time to venting and bringing attention to some common annoyances…so this week I figured I would switch it up and give some recognition to the musical talents that Chicago has to offer focusing on Mexican-American artist Oj-Da.

cover ojda

This talented, driven producer/songwriter/artist has combined his Mexican roots with his urban lifestyle to create a music genre that has gotten the attention of the Latino youth nationwide.


Oj-Da started his journey in 2006 because he felt that he could give a voice that the Mexican youth needed in both urban and Mexican music, so he combined the two to cater to the needs of all. The word Oj-Da comes from the artist’s last name, Ojeda, which he coined as an artist name and as a name for the genre.

Oj-Da has taken the fusion of Mexican music and urban beats beyond Chicago and into the neighborhoods of Los Angeles, Oakland, several cities in Texas, and across the border to pueblos (towns) in Zacatecas and Durango, Mexico.  Oj-Da has successfully broken barriers with his genre and has gained the support of not only his targeted Mexican youth, but also the support of people of different ages and ethnic groups.


After I heard his music, I found myself singing to the catchy lyrics and dancing to the upbeat tempo. I attached a video below so that you, too, can enjoy a hidden treasure. Even if you do not speak Spanish, I guarantee you can sing along to this. Ladies, I even found myself doing some cardio workouts to this, so it is a great calorie burner, no really, I’m serious. On a daily basis, I put this song on full-blast in my truck on the expressway and just enjoy the ride. I know that you will catch yourself nodding heads and tapping fingers, so enjoy what Oj-Da Music has to offer and take a look at the video. Also feel free to check out several of his other works that are on his YouTube channel and show some love. The song below, “Fiesta” is a personal favorite of mine, so I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Show some love and support and take a listen for yourself and see if the music doesn’t get you moving….


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