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Preview: James Vincent McMorrow

Irish singer-songwriter James Vincent McMorrow makes his way to Chicago to give an unforgettable performance tonight at the House of Blues.


James Vincent McMorrow has been busy all year in preparation for his latest tour. Earlier this year, the singer released his newest album which is titled “Post Tropical”. The artist stated that this album is a lot different from his previous ones because of the new things he was able to experience over the past few years. In preparation for this album, the artist recorded bits and pieces of sounds from places that he visited which he later incorporated into his music.

As for his tour, it started less than a month ago in the US. During our interview, McMorrow stated that the tour life has been busy to say the least. At first, the tour crew consisted of just a few people in a small van, himself included. He said that it has been hectic trying to get to places, set up, and perform. In addition to having to help with the set up, McMorrow was also on his own for some shows. He stated that it was a bit nerve-wrecking since he usually performs with other artists. However, he had gotten used to being alone on stage and enjoyed performing more intimate sets. Since then, he has been rejoined by more staff members and artists.

If you listen to his new album, you hear a serene and soulful voice that is accompanied by an assembly of different instruments. You also feel the ambiance of being in a tropical place much like the title of his album. However, McMorrow’s musical influences stem from more than just the usual indie or folk artist. McMorrow has some unlikely musical influences such as Drake and Pharell. Although he prefers to be alone when he is creating and performing his music, he stated that he would love to work with some of those artists in the future.

McMorrow has also been steadily gaining popularity through his songs being featured in popular films and television shows such as Breaking Dawn and Third Star. The singer, who enjoys watching films when he has free time stated that this was what first helped his career take off and he will always be grateful for that. He also said that he looks forward to hearing his songs featured more in the future.

James Vincent McMorrow will be playing at the Chicago House of Blues TONIGHT at 8:30pm (doors open at 7:30pm). Definitely come to see him perform some amazing songs and see the incredible stage set! Check out his song Cavalier below and let me know what you think!


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