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Preview: The Blisters

The Blisters is a Chicago-based band that is consisted of four talented musicians. On January 3, they will have a concert at the Beat Kitchen. Not too long ago, I was able to have a conversation with the lead singer, Henry Mosher, to get a little sneak peak of their upcoming show.


During my conversation with Henry, I got to learn about the band’s history and their creative process. The band is consisted of Henry Mosher as the lead vocals and guitar, Hayden Holbert on the guitar, Tory P-Lopez on the bass, and Spencer Tweedy on the drums.  A fun fact about The Blisters is that most of the members of the band have been together since they were seven years old (Henry and Spencer met when they were two years old. They were joined by Hayden and Tory later on)

The band initially started out by exclusively doing covers of classic rock songs. Henry reminisces that they used to cover a lot of songs by The Ramones as well as the song “Sweet Home Alabama“. Their first original song was called “Fluffy Little Bunny“.

Later on, when the band began to seriously compose music, they created a pattern where Henry would write the music or lyrics and play it for the band. From there, the band would jam and mess around with the music until it sounded complete. As for the lyrics, Henry stated that he usually writes about life, but also improvises depending on how the words sound all together. He also spoke of how he has a wide variety of musical influences such as 90’s music, Modest MouseMy Bloody Valentine, EDM, and experimental music.

This concert will be a special moment for the band as they will get to perform songs from their first studio album Finally Bored which contains music that was developed over many years. Although the band has performed these songs live for a long time, this was the first time that they recorded an album together.

Henry said that everyone can look forward to experiencing a fun concert filled with lots of energy and new music. In 2015, he looks forward to recording and releasing new music with the band (they are currently working on an EP) and play more shows.

Check out my favorite song by the band called “One Day“. You can also check out some of Henry’s favorite songs (“If I Called You” and “Dark Hour“) on the band’s website. I hope to see you all at the concert this Saturday!



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