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Pros and cons of tradings for Anthony Davis

Posted on April 26, 2019

Anthony Davis

Sports IllustratedAnthony Davis

With one of the most coveted players recently requesting a trade, the Bulls finally have a chance to acquire a great player that’s is actually not returning from a serious injury. And they have as much of a chance as anyone to land him.

Anthony Davis has generational talent that would make a good team a great one. The Chicago Bulls have one of the best young cores in the league and a lot of trade assets to offer to the Pelicans. At only 26 years of age, Davis would keep the Bulls in the postseason for a long time. However, despite being a generational player, Davis still isn’t a safe bet for the Bulls and could possibly (but unlikely) make the Bulls worse than expected.

PRO-Immediate Contention

PRO-Immediate Contention

Whether the Bulls were to trade Carter and Markkanen, or Carter and LaVine, the Bulls would still have enough of a supporting cast to help Davis lead the team onto the postseason. With undeserving teams like the Orlando Magic and Detroit Pistons making the playoffs, the Bulls should have no problem making the playoffs with Davis on the roster.

CON-Past experiences

CON-Past experiences

Past trades have made future trades like these look like a foreseeable wreck. If you can recall the Bulls-Wolves Butler trade from 2016, you can understand how getting the best player might not end up with the best results. The infamous Nets-Celtics trade from 2013 is another trade that explains how patience is a virtue. Davis is undoubtedly the best player from any of these trades, however, the Bulls could potentially be better off without him in the long haul.

PRO-Ticket sales

PRO-Ticket sales

Even though the Bulls are always at the top of ticket sales every season, they would surely go up in demand with Davis in a Bulls uniform. And if his talent isn’t enough, he was born and raised in Chicago, giving fans a chance to watch their Chicago product lead the squad.

CON-One year deal

CON-One year deal

As the Chicago native arrives to town, he brings along a bunch of expectations as well. This means that Davis would have more pressure than ever to finally start winning. If the Bulls fall short of these expectations, then the Bulls should be worried for the following summer since Davis would have the opportunity to move on to a superior team.

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