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Queer Eye? More Like Queer Cry (A Look into Season 3)

 Posted on March 20, 2019

The newest season of Queer Eye is here, and its time to cry, and feel things.

Queer Eye is back for season 3, and if you haven’t seen it already, you’re missing out. The newest season released March 15th. Instead of Georgia this season, we take a trip to Kansas City, Missouri, where all the heroes live (or at least close to it). This season, I have cried once it at least every episode (don’t judge), and have watched most of the episodes from this season. This season so far, has been my favorite. Let’s do a rundown of each episode!

Also, I wrote about the show previously, and so if you are unfamiliar with it, check out the link:


Episode 1 (From Hunter to Huntee): This episode stars Jody Castellucci, a 49 year old hunter who lives in Amazonia, Missouri. She hunts, forages, and farms for a lot her food. She’s been married to her husband for 10 years, which is her nominator. She wears only camo, or her prison guard uniform for work. Her husband has called in the Fab Five to help her out. When the Fab Five arrives, chaos ensues. They go through her things, and Tan comes across camo lingerie, which makes Karamo and Jody crack up. Tan takes her shopping, Antoni shows her how to cook, and to not be scared to try new things eating wise. Karamo takes her to a circle of women, who share their stories, and show her there’s no wrong way to be a woman (i cried). Jonathan glams her up, and fixes her highlights in her hair. Bobby redos her whole house, with a rustic feel, and takes away all the taxidermy in there. She eventually models her new outfit, and her family surprises her, and says “she looks happy” and “she found her joy” (i cried), which she was missing after her brother died at 21. She and her husband goes on their 10 year anniversary date, and he loves her new look (even though he always thought she was beautiful and loved her even though she couldn’t see it herself. They go on one of those “Venice boats” as Antoni said.

Episode 2 (Lost Boy): This episode stars Joey Green, a 47 year old camp director. He doesn’t believe in showers, or running water even, and is very scruffy. Joeys boss nominated him for the show, as he acts more like a little kid than an adult in his position. He also lives in a very dirty trailer. Never fear, the Fab Five roll up, and give him a glam transformation. Bobby decides to redo the cabin he was given to live in, to not only make it a space for him, but also for his son when he visits. Antoni teaches him how to make porchetta, and learns that he was once an alcoholic, who has now sobered up. Joey used to cook, but after moving around a lot, he stopped. Jonathan tames the beard, and cuts his hair, but not super short. He styles it, and almost fights Joey when he tries to put his bandana back on. Tan takes Joey shopping at REI, so he can get practical, but nice clothes for his job. Karamo takes Joey and his kid to paint a canoe and bond over it. They even make him a custom camp shirt that is nicer than an everyday t-shirt. Eventually, the big night comes where Joey cooks porchetta for the fellow camp leaders, and it goes over great. He’s confident and looking good. Even his girlfriend thinks so.


Me after watching 6 episodes of the new season in one sitting

Episode 3 (Jones Bar-B-Que): This episode stars sisters, Deborah “Little” Jones and Mary “Shorty” Jones. They co-own a famous bar-b-que joint their father founded. They are some of the only women barbequers in the area. They were nominated by Littles daughter, who was able to go to college after her mom and aunt opened the joint up. She wants them to stop working so hard, and take some time for themselves once in a while. The Fab Five come on a super busy day and help as much as they can. The kitchen is so small that they get in the way, but it works out in the end. Soon, the restaurant closes for a week so the Fab Five can glam the sisters up. Antoni bugs the sisters for their secret ingredient in their barbeque sauce, but they don’t budge. He eventually takes them to meet Karamo at a local bottling place to get their sauce out to the public. Antoni is still trying to pry the secret ingredient out of them to no avail. They make the sauce as close as it can, and it is ready to be sold. (You can buy it online too!!! They have their own site! Check it out!!) Tan subscribes the ladies to something called “Trunk Club”. The ladies try on the clothes and are shocked when they look in the mirror. Jonathan takes them to do their hair and gets a massage and a manicure. He also glams them up with a bit of makeup. Instead of redoing their home, Bobby decides to redo their restaurant instead. Finally, Tan and Jonathan have a surprise for Mary-the dentist to get new teeth. They fit her with new veneers, and when she looks in the mirror after, she’s speechless and starts crying (i sobbed at this part). They’re taken to their new and improved restaurant and are amazed by it. There are photos of their reviews, and their dad on the wall, that people can read while they’re waiting. Eventually, they’re friends come by for a party and a grand reopening. The ladies are complimented and happier than ever!


JVN speaking some truth.

Episode 4 (When Robert Met Jamie): This episode stars Robert Hitchcock, who is a nurse at a psych ward. He has long hair, and a long beard and his friends refer to him as Gimli. His fiance nominated him, as their wedding is at the end of the week, and she wants him to walk down the aisle with confidence, considering he is extremely self-depreciating, due to his time spent in abusive foster homes as a child. He has three adorable kids as well, who the Fab Five take to right away. Bobby finds out that their oldest daughter has taken over the master bedroom, while Robert and Jamie sleep in the basement. He’s going to change that with his renovation. Tan takes Robert out shopping, to find good fitting and flattering clothes that still make him look cool and confident. Jonathan trims up the beard, and gives him a Jon Snow vibe with his hair. Antoni finds out Robert loves to cook, and teaches him how to cook a bit healthier for himself and his kids. Robert basically takes Antoni to class instead and shows him his skills. Finally, Karamo takes Robert to a dance studio, not to dance, but to change his attitude. He plays a recording of all the horrible things Robert said about himself when the Fab Five turned up and tries to change them. He has Robert look in a mirror, and write good things about himself instead (I sobbed again). After the boys work their magic, Robert is ready to walk down that aisle. He’s more confident, and you can see that at his wedding.

Anti capris

Tan speaking truth

Episode 5 (Black Girl Magic): This episode stars 23 year old Jess Gilbo, who has been living on her own since 16, after being kicked out by her homophobic adoptive parents, after being outed against her will as a lesbian. She was nominated by her best friend, who has been the only constant in her life. The Fab Five are here to help her impress her friends at her potluck at the end of the week. Bobby, shares a heart to heart with her, after sharing his experience of being adopted, and living on his own at 15. They go shopping for some new, fun pieces for her house. Karamo talks to her about her family, and her life living in Kansas. He also takes her to a dance studio, where there are diverse black girls, and she learns that there is no wrong way to be a black woman. Tan takes her shopping, and she has a major Janelle Monae vibe. Jonathan shortens her hair, and makes it curly and natural. He puts a very little amount of makeup, but enough to make her glam. Bobby then takes her to a genealogy library, to learn more about her biological family. There, she gets greeted by her sister she hasn’t talked to in years. She finds out she’s an aunt, and also learns more about her family. She invites her sister to the potluck. At the end of the week, the potluck happens, and she realizes she doesn’t need to be related to have a family, but instead, this group of friends is her family. She’s happy and it all goes well.

john and rob

JVN and Rob Elrod getting comfy in bed

Episode 6 (Elrod and Sons): This stars 32-year-old Rob Elrod, who has been raising his two sons on his own after his wife (who he was crazy about) died of cancers two years earlier. He was nominated by his wife’s best friend, because she knew Allison (his wife) wanted him to thrive, instead of just chugging along. The Fab Five are called, and come to make Robs dreams happen. Tan takes him shopping for cool and hip dad clothes. Jonathan grooms him up a bit, trims his beard, and his hair, and they have a moment in the mirror together. Bobby redos his house, and adds some special touches, after finding out his wife wrote “PS Be nice to your brother” in their birthday cards for years to come. Karamo teaches him how to move on, while still remembering her, and Antoni teaches him how to cook healthier meals, his kids can help with as well. After revealing the redo of his new house, Bobby shows a memento box he made, that has all of her stuff they can use to remember her. He lifts up the lid, and inscribed on the inside, in her handwriting it says “PS be nice to your brother” (i sobbed again). The guys leave, and he throws a housewarming party in his new house, that Alison wanted him to move into. He’s happy, and can finally thrive in his life with his boys.

Bobby Berk

Wise words from Bobby Berk!

There are a total of 8 episodes, which is honestly never enough. I have only watched six of them so far, and hope to finish the other two soon. This show is a feel good show, and no matter what mood your in, it will change your mood immediately. It’s pure as well, and will make you cry a bunch, I did. So, whenever you have time, go watch the new season immediately, and if you haven’t seen the previous ones, go watch those as well! It’s worth it!


This is the newest Fab Five member, Bruley!!!

Rating: 9.5/10

Only because i haven’t seen the last two, and I cried a lot. How dare a show make me cry.

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