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Quicksand with Narrow Head at the Metro

Quicksand with Narrow Head at the Metro

Quicksand — with opener Narrow Head — performed at Chicago’s Metro on October 5th. The consented damage my ears sustained will be a permanent reminder of just how badass Quicksand remains. This was my second concert of the year, and it expanded my enjoyment of the remaining months of 2021. My still ringing ears are a testament to the sheer power of Quicksand’s must-see live performance.

Narrow Head

Narrow Head opened the night with a set to prepare your ears for the onslaught of loud, heavy, and energetic songs that’ll come later in the night. That’s not to say that any of Narrow Head’s tracks didn’t bring any bombastic energy, because they brought all they had as openers for post-hardcore legends. I was reminded a bit of early Deftones from the group’s sound, and the vocals very similar to that of Longinus Recording’s Dating. Narrow Head has my respect for being fellow Texans; listening to their records solidifies me as being a new fan of the group. If you have yet to listen to Narrow Head, you can check out their Bandcamp here.


My personal highlight was Sergio Vegas releasing the sickest bass riffs from both classic and new tracks. Despite having double the power in guitars, Vegas’ bass ripped through every performance to keep everyone in line. “Omission”, “Delusional”, and “Missile Command” prove that the bass was king during the performance.

They ended the show with an ethereal performance of “Brushed”. It was almost as if the entire night was leading right up to this moment — the acoustic guitar, electronic drums, and Schreifels’ voice added such a soothing atmosphere through the venue. It was a welcomed calm after the rapid, adrenaline powered anthems of Quicksand’s past, and the new anthems created for us on Distant Populations.

Quicksand continues their North American tour until October 31st, when the band will play their final tour show in Philadelphia. Anyone who has already purchased their tickets can’t even to begin to prepare themselves against being blown away by the blazing performances of Quicksand. You can purchase tickets here, and if you haven’t yet, buy Distant Populations on their website or Bandcamp.

*all photos taken by Diego Basaldu

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