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R.Kelly says he wants to work with Trey Songz: 5 Reasons Why That Will Never Happen

In a recent interview with Hot97 R&B legend, R.Kelly was asked who would he like to work with and this seemingly traditional question took a turn when Kelly unveiled his answer. Kelly initially hesitated at first but than after some slight pleading and probbing, R. Kelly admitted he wanted to work with Trey Songz.

“I’m at my best when I’m wanted. I always wanted to take somebody and just do what their trying to do and really do it they way they trying to do. Cause I see where they trying to go, I know what they want to do, and I know exactly how to get there.  Their taking the elevator but where their trying to go they have to take the stairs. So I would take Trey Songz and tie him up and really Give him what it is he’s trying to do. The whole album….everything. look young fella this trying to do bam! “

“I look at everything and everything is about timing. I’m at my best when I’m wanted and incredible when I’m needed. so people have to realize that though.”

After hearing this my inner pessimist and I comprised a detailed list of reasons why this will never happen.

1. The R. Kelly shadow: Not every R&B artist falls into the R. Kelly shadow but if you started singing after the 90’s or even early 2000s than it’s likely you spent sometime in the “Kelly shadow.” Early in his career, it appeared as if every note and video from Trey was being compared to Kelly. Trey has been trying to escape the R. Kelly shadow for years and since clipping the cornrows and releasing “Neighbors Know My Name”, Trey has silenced some of the comparisons. Doing a full album with Kelly would not only bring back those comparisons but welcome them on a red carpet. Is this a wise move for Trey?

2. R.Kelly’s recent music: It’s fair to say that Kelly’s new music hasn’t been getting the reception that his earlier work has. On the other hand, Trey is beginning to peak and find his signature style.It seems like Kelly is in the process of reinventing himself once again. All said and done, it appears as if R.Kelly’s best work is behind him while Trey’s best work seems to be just over the horizon. In my opinion, his most recent work Trigga is his best work to date. Would it be a step back for Trey at this point?

3. Past beef: Kelly’s and Trey’s R&B beef has been well publicized. It all started with the Trapped In The Closet series. R.Kelly had fans and an uproar and on pins and needles for every chapter. Actually, if you look back on it TITC was the initial template for Fox-series Empire. Soon after, Trey began to make his own versions of TITC and Kelly quickly unleashed his lawyers on Trey and shut that down immediately.  Consequently, when R. Kelly tried his hand at autotune, Trey was one of Kelly’s harshest and loudest critics. Kelly than responded by shunning Trey existence all together choosing to not address his desire for all things trendy at the time. However, since than both Kelly and Trey have sinced buried the beef and spoke highly off each other and various media outlets.

4. Both are doing just fine: Neither of these artists need this collaboration. Trey Songz is on a steady incline in his career and Kelly’s face is solidly engraved on the R&B Mount Rushmore. R. Kelly can go on tour whenever he desires because of his extensive catalogue and the same goes for Trey because of versatility and hardcore fanbase.  Kelly made clear that he wants to feel needed and this situation. So could this be the deal breaker?

5. It just might be a good idea: Sometimes it’s as simple as that. Sometimes if something sounds perfect, logical, and makes sense we tend to reject it. I’m not sure why…I guess life is more interesting that way. This “good idea” theory along with ego is the reason why we might never hear a Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj record, Rihanna and Beyonce record, Eminem and Vanilla Ice (just kidding…well kinda). Good ideas are rarely realized.

So what do you think? Is this a good idea or bad idea? Could you really count out someone as great as R. Kelly out? Although, they speak to two different generations will the competitive nature smother this idea or better yet will it create another Best Of Both Worlds catastrophe. Let me know.

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