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R.O.E (Rising Over Envy) – 4 CHI CITY RADIO RECAP

Recently on 4 CHI CITY RADIO, Chi City Hip Hop artist R.O.E (Rising Over Envy), came through with new music and latest on updates. Here’s a recap of his interview.


Name your top five favorite artists?

It’s tough naming your favorites because so many artists are great in different ways. If I had to name some of my favorite artists to listen to currently, it would be Phonte (of Little Brother), Common, Q-Tip, D’Angelo, and Miles Davis. All of them get heavy rotation in my iTunes.

What inspired you to become a Hip Hop artist/ songwriter?

Growing up, I wrote tons of poetry and often did a lot of creative writing. I knew writing would be something I’d overly pursue in my lifetime. When I entered high school some friends of mine were into rapping. I got the urge to join them once they encouraged me to give it a try. I haven’t looked back since.

Tell us about one of your biggest accomplishments as an artist? Or most memorable moment.

I think headlining at the House of Blues in Chicago is currently my most memorable and biggest moments. I got to grace the same green room and stage that many legends have stepped on. It was an amazing moment especially being that we are 100% independent.

What is something you want people to know about you, they may not know?

One thing people don’t know is that I am a vegan and I LOVE to cook!! Cooking is my second favorite thing to do outside of music. At some point, I want to attend culinary school to get some formal training.

What projects are you working on? Anything new?

We are in the works of shooting visuals for tunes off, To Happiness. I recently recorded a live album with my band and I’m looking forward to getting that out to the masses as well. All in all, making major strides towards progression.

What do you hate & what do you love about Chicago?

I dislike the negative connotations portrayed in the media about Chicago being a “murder capital”. I think for all the beauty that Chicago has, it bothers me that the world is only exposed to the ugly.

I love the beauty of Chicago’s architecture, the amazing scenery, the food, the people, and the overall ambience of the city. It’s unlike any other.

Thanks for ROCKIN wit me!!! Log on to Sunday Nights 6-8pm 4 Chi City Radio, Hosted by B Roc IG @rockwitb_roc @4chi_cityradio



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