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Rants of Raunchiness

Well, well, well, adding me to the roundup of great UIC bloggers is going to be interesting. I’m pretty excited to sit with my laptop and discuss EVERYTHING!! I find it important to hit on everything that I feel to be relatable to being a student, being a young women, fashion, and what ever else is relevant.  Now, to begin my first UIC blog post I want to discuss how my UIC “life” is going. 

For starters, I’m adjusting to the idea of being a flame and enjoying the many obstacles of commuting to college. First, commuting surly sucks: getting up earlier, staying later, missing out on garbage that students will later call college memories, etc. But, having someone to make me breakfast when I don’t feel like it (thanks mom), not worrying about cramped spaces,  a roommate from hell, and an extra $10,000 saved also feels damned good too. Plus, some of my high school chums sit right beside me in Chem and reminisce on how we won’t miss those four years in our hallway (insider, you can laugh Lesly! ;D)

Though I’ve just began, I’ve also learned quite a few “secrets” about UIC. Some, I will of course keep to myself (lose lips sink ships…and lose good places to study!) These five secrets will benefit us all, or at least freshman and commuters. 

1) The computer lab in SCE on the 4th floor is best to use around 3-close time.  It’s less packed and there are better computers to use. 

2) There IS a microwave on campus!!! (I learned this last week, so please chuckle to yourselves.) If you ever want to bring homemade goodies and potentially not gain five pounds, this is the way to go. In SCE on the first floor. When you walk in through the Quad side, just look left and stare the person using the microwave before you, then smile! 

3) (I’m going to have to burst a few people’s bubbles and no, I’m not sorry.) PEOPLE HERE AT UIC ARE CHEAP, yes frugal would be nicer but honesty is also better. Like all other college students around the country, UIC students are poor. Therefore, we get designer knock off’s at Target (especially boots!), we buy cute and virtually priceless leggings instead of jeans, we shop the value menu at Wendy’s and buy 6 inches instead of foot longs at Subway. We are, in some ways smart, but sill frugal (cheap) and that’s perfectly okay.

4) There is no such thing as Stranger Danger. I promise you, you might meet your BFF in line in the cafeteria, or snag your college sweetheart at the gym, or find your business partner at a lame party. Whatever your case, branch out and talk to people, it will pay off!

5) It’s okay to be scared. I am a first gen (first generation college student ) in my family. I understand the pressure to be the best your family wants you to be, to live up to your high school glory, and to even prove so many haters wrong, you lost count. I feel it too, but I don’t let that fear stop me. You should harbor that fear into a way to get a honors college tutor (that counts as the sixth secret!), fuel to see your TA in their office hours, and to relax when necessary. Atychiphobia (the fear of failure) is real, but so is graduating in four years you did it high school you can do it again. 

Now that I finally gave those tips, I feel like a true humanitarian! Yeah, no, I just feel like a UIC blogger. But, I hope my “secrets” can help other people besides myself and get you back here every Monday for some more of me 




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