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Ready To Lose It: Jargon ft. Grace Garcia

If you missed him on air here’s a sample of his track. He’s a Chicago native who will be joined this Friday, March 1 at North Side College Prep Theater by Traphik (aka Timithy DeLaGhetto), J.Reyez and many other talents at the ‘Academy of Heroes.’ And today just so happens to be his birthday. So Happy Birthday to you sir!

I had a chance to speak with Jargon and along with his friendly demeanor, he was proud to boast about rest of the ‘Heroes’ coming to the show (I can admire humility). A stern supporter of Chicago music, I had to feature Jargon as an up and comer who has an impressive following on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube…you name it!

He raps with a fierce tongue and “Ready to Lose It” definitely reminds me of a 90’s R&B song I can’t quite pinpoint. Jargon reminds me of a different era of Hip-Hop–not like the overglamorized hip-hop divas of today. What do you think?

More to come on the ‘Academy of Heroes’ later this week, my fellow blogger Paulina and I will be at the show, bringing local Chicago music back for UIC to hear!

Relax and enjoy!

“Don’t follow your dreams, lead them.” –Jargon



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