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Red Moon In Venus Tour Review

-- The Scorpio Experience --

Picture this: You wait 7 hours (11am - 6pm) to secure your barricade spot for Ms. Kali Uchis. And of course you would do it too if it was your favorite artist!

On May 16th, I had the opportunity to attend Kali Uchis's SOLD OUT concert at the iconic Aragon Ballroom. In order for me to get the best concert view, I had to be there early since its a standing room only concert. As I patiently waited in line, I had the pleasure of interacting with fellow fans, eagerly discussing what we expected from Kali Uchis' show. The following video shows the line before the show.

When the doors finally opened, I swiftly made my way inside the venue, determined to secure a prime spot at the barricade. I managed to claim my spot just in time, filled with anticipation for the night's performances. By 7pm, Raye (opener) performed her album, "My 21st Century Blues." Raye unleashes a performance that warmed our hearts and souls. She also performed her most known song, Escapism featuring 070 Shake. I must mention Raye's extraordinary vocals, a true gift that instantly won the hearts of everyone in the venue. Fortunately, I was able to capture some fantastic moments of Raye's performance, and I'm excited to share them with you!

May 16th, 2023

Captured by: Brenda Leyva

Song Name: Escapism ft 070 Shake by Raye

Captured by: Brenda Leyva


As all of Kali Uchis' fans eagerly awaited her performance during the 30-minute intermission, I could hear the audience chanting in unison, repeatedly shouting "KALI KALI KALI." My friends and I shared the same curiosity, wondering if she would open the show with the iconic song "Frikitona" by Plan B. Just then, our TikTok notifications popped up, alerting us that Kali Uchis was live streaming. Excitedly, we tuned in to her livestream, where she confirmed our suspicions that she would indeed be opening with "Frikitona."

By 8:15pm, the show starts with her iconic intro (Frikitona by Plan B). Below is the full Kali Uchis introduction.

Frikitona by Plan B || Captured by: Brenda Leyva

The majority of the songs she performed was from her newest album, Red Moon in Venus, and her past albums. One of my favorite performances that I could never forget is Speed from the Por Vida album.

Here are some captures and videos I caught of Kali Uchis and her dance team...

Kali Uchis, Red Moon in Venus Tour 2023

Captured by: Brenda Leyva

Como Te Quiero Yo by Kali Uchis

Captured by: Brenda Leyva

I Wish you Roses by Kali Uchis

Captured by: Brenda Leyva

As the concert comes in to a close, I decided to wait outside to possbly meet Kali Uchis. I waited with my friends and we waited for 2 hours for her to come outside. I had the chance to have a small conversation and take a picture with her!

Kali Uchis: Red Moon In Venus || Post Concert photos

Now that we have reached the end of our review, here are some key things to know before you attend Kali Uchis: Red Moon in Venus Concert....


Know Before You Go

- Be sure to arrive early (Morning time)

- Get to know your peers around you

- ALWAYS have water with you to stay hydrated!!


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