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Redlight Improv UIC

On Friday (02/24), I went to UIC’s improv performance at Bughouse Theater. Let me tell you, they were great. Not only were they comfortable in their characters, but they were so confident and funny onstage!

They preformed rehearsed skits written by members within the group, played games with audience involvement and used suggestions to create skits on stage. I was very impressed.

The jokes made are definitely adult ones (specifically the “sex with me is like” game), but none of them felt too gruesome. Adult jokes for an adult show felt totally fitting and appropriate.

The group preformed a skit about Jesus in a game show that really made me laugh. It was a woodworking competition with Jesus, a southern dad and a birdhouse making machine.

It was so entertaining, I highly suggest visiting Redlight improv at UIC, they have a show coming up on March 9th!



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