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Reflections and weekends!

It’s been quite a week! I taught myself to make soundbites on Audacity,

(I also volunteer to read free audiobooks for Librivox under the same name if anyone cares)

had fun with some screenshots, bought the first ‘Game of Thrones’  book, aaand -drumroll, please!-…was a guest on UIC Radio!

Yes, you heard me right! Lowly blogger Lila Read is officially a multi-media celebrity! I found myself unexpectedly invited to share airtime with my friend and classmate Elif of ‘Phaasitive Thinking with Elifant‘ and had a blast.

I hope I spelled that right.

Regardless, check out her show which is on Wednesdays at 4-6pm and if Enya can’t put you in a good mood, she sure will.

Anyway, thanks for bearing with that shameless bit of self-and-radio promoting. This week sure has been eventful, but I’m glad to be once more sipping tea with my Mum in my parents’ very messy suburb-ian house. Adventures can be awesome, but so is relaxing from homework marathons. I hope your weekend is as event-less -or as stress-less- as I plan mine to be.

And if anyone asks, I will be probably be under a tree somewhere, reading…like that random picture of a girl I found.

Namaarie! (aka “peace, I’m out” in Elvish)



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