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Reflections (Cloudy)

Friends come and go.

What a cliche.

I wish it wasn't.

I wish all my friends

we're always and evermore my friends.

But they can't be.

and they aren't.

I wish I could tell them all.

That my Love didn't go anywhere.

But I can't.

and I won't.

And I don't know why for sure

but maybe it's because

in my head

we're all still kids.

Oh my dear friend

my Love didn't go anywhere I swear.

It's still bottled up in my chest.

I'll forever be your playground sidekick.

I'll forever be your shoulder to lean on.

Oh there aren't enough hours in a day

and enough years in a lifetime

to show you that

My Love didn't go anywhere.

And yet still

I'm unable to recognize when a page is turning.

This vicious cycle of silent goodbyes.

That must be

yes! yes! yes!

that must be!

Why we constructed these milestones.

Graduations and Birthdays.

All for me to text you once a year

A few times a lifetime

and hopefully remind you

that my Love didn't go anywhere.

Oh my dear friend my Love didn't go anywhere.



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