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Remind Rewind Recharge Relief

I realize that we’re more than half way through the fall semester. Week 12 to be exact. There are 3 more weeks of school, and then FINAL week.

I don’t know how you feel, but I’m burned out with school works. Exams. Papers. More Exams. More papers. A typical hectic life of a college student.

Maybe it’s just me that toward the end of the semester, I tend to slack off. I just want to get away from studying, from staying up late, and from drinking too much coffee. I just want to catch on my sleep, T.V shows,movies, books, friends, and family.  I’m so ready for break, but it seems so far a way.

I tend to look at how far a head I have to work. I don’t look at how far I’ve worked to come to this point of the semester. I don’t give myself enough credits. I’ve gone to class regularly and on time. I’ve worked hard on assignments. And I did well.  I’ve spent many sleepless nights to study with the help from my friend, Coffee.

It is time of the semester that I need to recharge my body. So I’m going to treat myself with a nice dinner and give myself a 8 hours sleep on Friday. Then, I’m ready to fight this almost ending battle. Just a little bit more. I want to finish the semester strong. I want to feel relief after checking my final grades.

Treat yourself with something nice over the weekend if you’re burned out with school work like me. Not too much though, you don’t wanna spoil yourself 😉

Hope you all stay strong and finish the semester strong!!

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