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reset for the new year (2024)

hi! welcome or welcome back! 

I definitely took the chance to rest and catch up on many personal things during finals week and winter break. Although that time is over, I'm back and ready to showcase new blogs for 2024! And so, with the new year starting, I figured I would share some words of encouragement and reminders.

This year isn't really about the famous saying “new year, new me," at least not for me, but if it is for you, then that is totally okay. The reason I say this is because it’s more like “better me… or focused on  me."

Some people believe it is a very cliche thing to just change your life around because it’s the new year when you can do that pretty much at any point in time, any month, any day, etc. But I think it allows a clear chance for those, like me, to see and reflect on the past year and get that sense to switch, primarily because the new year is coming up. With that in mind, we get to do better, to do things differently, and probably even do things we still haven’t done last year as we said we would. 

However, this doesn’t mean, for example, that I’m going to completely change my life just in one night, or that I should expect those who are reading this to think that way too. This is more of a mental and physical type of challenge that will occur little by little each day. 

I do believe that many of us have an end goal or some sort of desire for this new year (maybe even some new year resolutions), whether it’s as big as that summer beach trip you're planning or something small like drinking more water every day.

If we implement our goals and really want and work for them day by day, they can be accomplished. Besides, I know I’m ready to start this year big and strong and to continue it all the way for the next few years; hopefully you are too. :)

For my next blog, I would like to share some of the things I said from a more organized point of view and with specific points!

So with that said… tune in for more stories from #lachurrosstories 


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