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Roc- A-Fella Reunion Recap

Posted by Ashlee Jordan on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Friday, September 18, 2015 Powermove, Saleem Music Group, and WGCI presented the Roc-A -Fella Reunion Tour history was made at UIC Forum including the legendary hip-hop groups State Property and The Diplomats. The Diplomats opened the night with Jim Jones starting with Dipset Anthem, Ballin, and Emotionless.

Emotionless rapper was full of energy as he arrived on stage stating “Outside of Harlem, Chicago is one of the livest cities in the world I like this venue, y’all know it’s a Popeyes next door” the crowd roars with laughter as Jones jumps on a hoverboard, just as Juelz Santana and Freeky Zeekey emerges on stage to Have you seen Juelz Santana? and Down. Cam’ron comes out shortly after, for those who don’t know Cam’ron was already on his third album before forming the Diplomats. The Diplomats finished strong with songs Oh Boy, Hey Ma, and Touch It or Not.

Last and certainly not least State Property was represented by Beanie Sigle, Young Gunz, and Omillio Sparks. Freeway was unable to attend due to a recent diagnosis of kidney failure. Sigle performed Feel it in the Air,  the crowd didn’t necessarily feel it in the air Sigle voice broke in and out of the lyrics. It may have been due to technical difficulties. The night closed out with hip-hop classic and Dipset rejoining them on stage for  the hip hop classic Roc the Mic. If you missed it chances are you may not get a chance to see both The Diplomats and State Property on stage at the same time. The artist from both groups are pursuing different avenues other than rap music such as movie production, clothing lines, and trucking services. “We are just out here trying to take care of our families and people we love, billionaires don’t make money one way” says Cam’ron.

For more video clips and backstage footage follow me @heirjordan92 on Instagram, tune in Fridays from 2-4 The POP Show by Ashlee Jordan


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