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Roulette Radio's Top 10 Songs of 2023

The fall semester has been a wild ride for the fellas at Roulette Radio. We've had so many fascinating conversations regarding music anywhere from Midwest Emo to Swag Era Rap, as well as interviewing one of our favorite local artists Luuvey. For our last episode of the semester, we decided to each choose 5 of our favorite tracks of 2023 and compile them into a top 10 for our show. Like many of our episodes, our list spans multiple genres and it really shows the variety that each of us brings to the radio room table.

So here it is, Roulette Radio's Definitive Top 10 Tracks of 2023!

My Picks

5. Water From Your Eyes - "Barley"

4. Yo La Tengo - "Aselestine"

3. shame - "Adderall"

2. Wednesday - "Chosen to Deserve"

1. Geese - "I See Myself"

Ricky's Picks

5. Mac Demarco - "20191009 I Like Her"

4. King Krule - "Hamburgerphobia"

3. JPEGMAFIA, Danny Brown - "Lean Beef Patty"

2. Travis Scott - "MELTDOWN (feat. Drake)"

1. Daniel Caesar - "Let Me Go"


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