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Rude Gentlemen Magazine Launch Party

This past weekend Rude Gentlemen (Including UIC Radio’s very own Memo & Cristobal) celebrated the launch of their magazine with a memorable party. Anyone who was not in attendance definitely missed out on something special. From beginning to end this event was a great success.

Rude Gentlemen’s Magazine Launch Party took place at Lacuna Lofts in Pilsen. Lacuna lofts is a beautiful building that hosts several types of events. Many of those events are art galleries and showcases. It was a perfect venue for the celebration of Rude Gentlemen’s Magazine Launch Party. The Scenery below speaks for itself.

The night began on the buildings rooftop. I truly wish the whole night could have been spent on the rooftop because the view was amazing up there. The weather was also perfect for a rooftop party but rules will be rules. While on the rooftop You Are Here performed for the crowd while everyone started to get settled in. They really helped everyone get in the shindig mentality and start vibing. After their performance our time on the rooftop was up.

The bottom level was just as great as the rooftop. The lighting done in the event space was fantastic. It was a nice spacious area as well. No one really had to worry about not having any space or being crammed in there. Once the music started everyone started to dance. The music got everyone going… and the open bar for those 21+ as well. Lagunitas IPA (Great Choice) was served along with signature Rude Gentlemen cocktails. No Manches Clothing was present at the event selling their merchandise. Decolores Galeria y Saboria catered food for people who needed a quick bite.

Aside from You Are Here, the crowd was also entertained by Soulphonetics, We The Firme x MyQ Moon, Mr. West, Bruzo, Silver Falcons and Memo. The music was great all night. It ranged from several different genres across the night as well. I forgot what DJ played “Down on My Luck” by Vic Mensa but that was my favorite of the night. The musical acts were entertaining all night long. I got to discovers acts I have never heard of before and I’m sure several others did as well.

Overall this was a fantastic experience. Everyone who came out looked to have a great time in their dapper attire. At the end of the night several Rude Gentlemen members asked guests how they were going to get home and making sure everyone was being safe. That truly shows how much they care about their supporters. Great job guys!

I hope to be at several more Rude Gentlemen events in the future and get more involved with this wonderful group of people. If you missed out this event I hope this has convinced you not to miss the next.

Make sure to like Rude Gentlemen’s Facebook page and follow their Twitter page to stay updated with everything going on.

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