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Saba, Chicago’s Next Big Name

There is something about a music artist from Chicago, that enthralls me. I’ve lived in this city for the past 4 years while attending UIC. Though I wasn’t raised here per say, the culture of this city has been seeping in me. When an artist gets heard above just their local fan base that, in my opinion, is a huge accomplishment. When this artist is from the Chicago streets, this accomplishment is on another level. Chicago often is know for the violence that plagues this city, instead of the talent that it can produce. Many musicians have emerged from Chicago’s streets, who tore up the music scene in their own my. My personal favorites being: Common, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, and Chance the Rapper. Through word of mouth and SoundCloud searches I came across Saba.                                                                 

Saba is a 19 year old youth who hails from the Westside of Chicago who raps as well as produces his own and group’s music. Saba is a member of Pivot Gang, a music group consisting of other artists and producers around Saba’s age. When listening to his song “Butter” it reminded me of Chance’s style, except with more of a sing song element to it. Saba has been experimenting with music since he was young and has never stopped. With two mix tapes out Saba, and Pivot Gang, are gaining more notoriety and respect in the Chicago music scene. Check out Saba’s SoundCloud, with the link I posted below, and let me know your thoughts!

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