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Saba-HEAUX (Official Video) & Interview

You can’t speak of Chicago artists on the rise without including the young and talented rapper Saba. With his new video “Heaux” recently premiered, Saba is surely becoming a household name. With previous performances at  Reggies, The Metro, Lincoln Hall, and SXSW in Texas this year, Saba has been extremely busy with both performances and working on his new mixtape.

Catching up with Saba over the weekend was definitely a warming experience. While hanging at his studio, Saba not only gave me an inside look at where he makes his music, but he also shared some info with UIC Radio.

Saba has collaborated with many local Chicago rappers, such as Martin $ky, Jean Deaux, Mick Jenkins, etc. Although he has worked with various producers, Saba shares, “I’ve worked with other producers, but I produce 50% of my own music.”

When asked about SXSW (South by Southwest), Saba describes his first time going as an awesome experience. Saba found out three days before departure he was going to Texas, and when he arrived he ended up sleeping on his friend’s floor. He describes it as an experience of a lifetime, and when asked if there was any unity present from Chicago artists, Saba describes it as a “reality check.”

“At SXSW there was mutual respect for each other’s music rather than a competition.”

The experience of SXSW has shaped Saba’s future ideas. He plans to go back more prepared and plans to connect and network with many other people. An epic moment Saba describes from SXSW was after he preformed at the “bat bar” at the AEMMP record showcase, he set up a studio in the bathroom of a motel with another producer and recorded a song there-a moment to remember for Saba.

What’s next for Saba? He is dropping an album towards the end of summer. Saba will also be performing live this Thursday , March 28th at  Schubas (tickets are only $8!) alongside artists No Name Gypsy, Milo & Otis. Saba will also be performing Friday at Bradley University & Saturday at ISU. Check it out!

Be sure to follow Saba on Twitter: @sabapivot

Follow his manager Jonathon Cuevas : @cuevojones

Check out Saba’s new video…enjoy! What do you all think?

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