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Sabrina Carpenter’s Singular Act 1 Deserved Better

Not to be completely biased but Sabrina Carpenter is definitely on her way to being everyone’s favorite pop star. I’ve had my eyes set on Carpenter since her Disney days back in 2014 when she played one of the lead roles in Disney’s Girl Meets World. Since the show’s cancellation, Carpenter has finally had the chance to focus on her music. (Not that she isn’t acting as well.) With the release of her third album – Singular Act 1 – I think it’s pretty safe to say that miss Sabrina Carpenter has truly found her voice.

Singular Act 1 is an album you DEFINITELY have to give a listen. No excuses. To Carpenter, every single song has its own singular story to tell. I love every single one of them and here’s why:

Almost Love

Almost Love was our first look at Sabrina Carpenter’s new musical era. She decided to debut it at her first ever Wango Tango performance – full choreography and all. This track in particular is a pretty mainstream pop song but that’s not going to stop me but singing along every time I hear it. It’s a song that tells the story of an almost lover. The whole “what are we” discussion only to have that evolve into absolute nothing is something I’m sure we’ve all been through. It sucks, yeah, but why not bop along to it? 


GOD I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO GO TO PARIS. It’s just so PRETTY? This track tells the story of how “romantic” this city in France is yet how it might never be considered home – or maybe that’s just my take. Carpenter’s love will always be L.A. which is something I completely understand. Sometimes, things are just too good to be true. This track doesn’t go as hard as Almost Love in regards to composition but it definitely is still one of the biggest bops on the album.

Hold Tight (feat. Uhmeer)

The collab all Girl Meets World stans have been waiting for! In case you didn’t know, Uhmeer was one of Carpenter’s cast mates during her time at Disney. They became really good friends while on set but managed to keep a close enough relationship once the show ended. Close enough for her to let him join her on her album – and thank the Disney gods she did. SAY WHAT YOU WANT, BUT THIS IS ONE OF HER BEST SONGS YET. It’s definitely a new vibe for Carpenter. From the risky lyrics to the overall sensual sound, it’s just the perfect blend.

Sue Me

With songs like Sue Me, I sometimes wish my ex wasn’t such a sweetheart so I wouldn’t feel so bad for chanting the lyrics everytime I hear it. This track tells the story about self love in a way that’s simply just a huge middle finger to your ignorant ex. With lyrics like, “so sue me for looking so pretty tonight” and, “for moving on, doing everything right”, I can assure you that you’ll feel like the baddest bitch in the world. Also the VOCALS on this track? She’s just too powerful.


This track tells the story of wanting to fall in love, knowing it might lead to you “ending up in a maze” but doing it anyway. Um, maybe I felt that. Overall, Carpenter uses a softer tone for this track, which honestly I think was the prfct way to go.

Bad Time

She didn’t have to go this hard, but she did. She definitely did. This track tells the story about a past partner trying to get back into your life after practically ignoring your constant love and affection. With lyrics like “sorry, but it’s not like the last time when you were calling me and hoping for a good time”, I just feel like a lot of people could resonate with said story. 2019 is all about rising above those who don’t appreciate you. Bonus: the composition of this track goes OFF.

Mona Lisa

I will never understand why Carpenter decided to make one of the best songs on the album only 2 minutes and 18 seconds long. We were truly robbed. But besides that fact, MONA LISA DESERVES BETTER. This track tells the story about taking the risk of introducing yourself to someone you’re obviously into. The lyrics are pretty self explanatory but the composition of this track is what truly stands out. When I first gave it a listen, I genuinely gasped. I wish I was joking. The way the chorus played out caught me off guard but not in a bad way. If anything, it’s my favorite part on the track.

Diamonds Are Forever

TWENTY-EIGHTEEN IS THE YEAR OF SELF LOVE. Miss Carpenter is well aware of that. Diamonds Are Forever tells the story about knowing your worth – in this case being worth as much as a diamond. With lyrics like, “I am a diamond, and diamonds are forever,” you can’t help but feel self empowered. This track’s tone stands out in comparison to the other songs and if you give it a listen, you’ll see why. From the dramatic composition to the killer vocals, this song gives Carpenter the justice she deserves.

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