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Sailor Moon Challenge -- W1

Now finally the music

D01- Invitation of the Death Cult by Trauma Harness

I wish I had more time to listen to the songs and the album as a whole, because it's a conceptual album with skits and a prevalent story. I thought it had too many skits at points. I tried looking for the lyrics, but couldn't find them to help me piece together the story. Sadly, I was only able to listen to the album once, in parts, in the span of 1 day. I think the songs and skits were finally growing on me, because I was able to listen to the first song once I finished the album and liked it more the second time around. I grew to enjoy how the dynamics of the songs changed towards the end of the album compared to the start. The songs kind of sounded like they were all coming out of 1 speaker (reminded me of the mixing from Kill Them All, except that sounds like it's coming from 2 speakers), but it honest fits the ambience of the the way the skits sound really well. They meshed really well.

This post-punk album was pretty alright. Wish I had more time with it (っ- ‸ – ς)

D02 - Let's Start Here. by Lil Yachty

This album was a vibe and easy to get into. I thought it was pretty good and flowed really well. I did listen to this passively once when it came out, and once again as I'm writing this. Overall, an enjoyable experience. Will definitely return to it once I get bored of listening to "running out of time."~( ˘▾˘~)

Oh, I forgot to mention, this is a funk rock-ish album. I don't really know, but yeh. Oh, and the way it kind of loops from the last song to the first, that's really cool if you think about it. Idk maybe it's just me.

D03 - Life On Mars by Dexter Wansel

Drums here were great. They had like a synthesizer that I liked. This album sounds like it came around at its time. It has a very strong 70s feel. Most of the songs weren't for me but overall pretty good.


D04 - Don't Follow Me Because I'm Lost Too!! by Vegyn

This is the album I asked Jacob to listen to this month. I really like it because I think it has some amazing songs. I also liked how this album is just a bunch of subgenres of electronic ambient music. Outside of that, this album is too long. ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

D05 - 2Famous Mansion by octi

I didn't love it, however I don't think it was bad. I took a big hiatus and am writing this now in March, so there were other albums I disliked more than this. Overall, it just sounded like SoundCloud rap. I would say that this was meh. Ok I guess. >_>

D06 - Sisyphus by Sufjan Stevens, Son Lux and Serengeti

This was very experimental and interesting. Not really for me, but it was good.●︿●

D07- Horses by Patti Smith

I completely forgot I heard this. And i don't really remember lmao. Wait, actually I did like the first song. I think. I wanted to revisit this because there might be another song that I liked. Overall idk. sorri(╥_╥)


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