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Sango’s “Da Rocinha 3”: Where Brazilian Funk and Contemporary Hip-Hop Collide

Image via Soulection

Image via Soulection

Before this week, I didn’t even know who Sango was, but after his release of “Da Rocinha 3”, I realized this is a guy that shouldn’t be overlooked. This EP was dropped November 10th, and although I’m not huge into DJ’s or the electronic world, this guy is a new breed and I was hooked from the start. At 22, Sango brings his own flare to the world of DJ-ing. “Da Rocinha 3” is part of a 3 EP series that was introduced in 2012. This EP brings influences from classic Brazilian funk with the incorporation of raw percussion such as the congas, and combines it with hip-hop, molding a very unique sound that one might think would clash, but it doesn’t. Rocinha itself is a slum in Rio de Janeiro, giving it a negative connotation to some. “Da Rocinha 3 is about keeping the funk carioca roots true and paying homage to the ones that helped start it. I want to respect and show Rocinha in a positive light while staying true to my sound”, says Sango on his Facebook page when he debuted the release on Monday.

If you dig deeper into his arsenal of music, you’ll find that a lot of the lyrics and features are in a different language. Anything that I’ve heard sounded like it was Portuguese, but language barrier aside, it’s still some great ear candy.

I wanted to share a couple of songs that I liked from this newest release. If any of you like what you hear, you should check him out because he’s coming to Chicago later this month.

Agorinha is actually the first song I heard by him.

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