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I don’t know about you all, but I could use a  break.

I’m not talking about another short week in spring where you spend most of the time doing homework. That doesn’t count. I’m not talking about a sick day or a long weekend or even a summer vacation (because let’s face it, once you start working, it’s not much of a break!)

I’m talking about a stress-free, no agenda break with no tests to surprise me, emails from my boss to change my schedule or constant worries about graduation GPA or where the money’s coming from.

But this is kind of what being a Senior is all about, isn’t it? You’ve spent the past four, five or six years building up to this, working every semester and taking summer classes so you can catch up with your friends and now you’re in the last month (or months if you’re me!) of college and it’s suddenly hit you, that lethargic, all-consuming disease, Senioritis.

You don’t care about the grades anymore. You might have  fought hard for that GPA, but even if you didn’t and something went wrong somewhere along the way, all the more reason for you to throw up your hands and say “I’m done”. Let me tell you, I am there right now. It’s not so much that I haven’t had more than a week off for years, it’s just that everything seems to crash down at once: the utter futility of financial aid, the dilemma of having money or an internship, wondering “what’s next”…well, we’re all wondering that!

My point is, (and there is one, I promise) it happens and it’s fine. We’re frustrated and tired and just want to get a real job already and not having to worry about pulling an all-nighter the night before a test.

Just keep something in mind: this will never happen again. This, right now, all the stress of getting your first B.A., the agony of choosing a major and classes, the dingy apartments and junk-food binges, the weekday parties and class hangovers…it is really a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

So maybe I don’t need a break so much. It would just be nice to have a moment to look back on the past couple years and think, “Maybe this wasn’t so bad”. Why am I such in a rush to leave? I don’t even pay car insurance!


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