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september song lineup

i love making new playlists consistently, and i always include different genres. every song makes me feel so different from the last, and i love what music can do to your mood. i was just telling my sister this friday that no matter how happy i am with life at the moment, if a "sad" song plays, i will cry. there are so many songs for me that are lyrically beautiful and have such a strong impact on the way i can relate to them. i love imagining the song in my head and really just learning how to feel every individual song. if I really like a song, i'll repeat it more than four times. from lana del rey to bad bunny, here is my lineup for this month of september!

  1. "Cherry" - Lana Del Rey

  2. "Efecto" - Bad Bunny

  3. "Scared To Death" - Kaytranada

  4. "get him back!" - Olivia Rodrigo

  5. "Pretty When You Cry" - Lana Del Rey

  6. "love is embarrassing" - Olivia Rodrigo

  7. "UK Rap" - Dave & Central Cee

  8. "X&O 127 Bling" - Babyxsosa

  9. "Inquieto" - Rauw Alejandro

  10. "Dealer" - Lana Del Rey

  11. "Thank God" - Travis Scott

  12. "Time Heals All" - Don Toliver

  13. "Used" - Sza (ft. Don Toliver)


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