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Sexyy Red: Hood Hottest Princess Tour

- Aragon Ballroom, Chicago - Halloween season strikes at Sexyy Red's Hood Hottest Princess Tour! Let's SkeeYee to the review....

Who is Sexyy Red

Sexyy Red is a rapper based in St. Louis, Missouri. Throughout her career, she has been getting recognition through her songs and features. Songs that she has been getting recognition for include...

  1. SkeeYee

  2. Pound Town

  3. Looking for the H*es

  4. Hellcat SRT's


Sexyy Red also made collaborations with artists you may know! One of the artists she currently collaborates with is Drake for his album, 'For All the Dogs'. The song they collaborated on was 'Rich Baby Daddy' with SZA! Not only did she collaborate with Drake, but she also performed as an opener for his tour!

She also had remix collaborations with...


- Lancey Foux (MMM HMM)

- NLE Choppa (Sl** me out)

- Young Nudy (Peaches & Eggplants)

- Nicki Minaj (Pound Town 2)


SOLD-OUT show at Chicago's Aragon Ballroom with thousands of attendees. As she kicked off her show, songs that everyone knew were played and sang along through it! If you have never heard her songs before, I would recommend starting with 'SkeeYee'! This would also include a must-play song at a party or club.


Speaking of Sexyy Red, take a look at some awesome pictures we took at the concert!

Sexyy Red at Aragon Ballroom

(shot by: @brendismode)

SHAKE SUMN performance

(shot by: @brendismode)

(shot by: @brendismode)

Rich Baby Daddy performance

(shot by: @brendismode)

Crowd Views

(shot by: @brendismode)

SkeeYee performance

(shot by: @brendismode)


(shot by: @brendismode)

Looking for the H*es performance

(shot by: @brendismode)


Excited for Sexyy Red?!? Be sure to get ready to dance the night to her songs here!!

- Follow @brendismode & @thescorpioexperience for more concert content ^.^ -


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