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Shedd Aquarium

One of the great things Chicago has to offer is its John G. Shedd Aquarium, home to so many different sea creatures and animals. Although it is under construction right now, there are still many exhibits open to the public.

My favorite one that I visited was the shark exhibit. All the sharks were so present, and they came out of their hiding to hang around with some of the guests. They were coming up to the glass and looking at everyone; it was surreal.

Not only are there animals for viewing, but there are also shows that they put on. There are about seven a day, ranging from when they open to when they close. Cruz, the blind sea lion, comes out to do tricks while the speaker tells the audience a lot of interesting facts about sea lions.

Cruz is a rescue who has been with the Shedd Aquarium for about four years, and he is a very good boy.

Below, I have included some more (amateur) photos of the Shedd to encourage more people to visit.

Check out their Illinois Resident Free Days on the website below! It is a great way to spend your time and maybe learn a few things about your favorite aquatic animals.


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