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Should Certain Wrestling Moves Be Unbanned?

This past Monday on Raw, a match between Seth Rollins and Finn Balor, Seth Rollins used a finishing move that was banned back in 2015, but was let to use in his match, labeled as “Blackout” previously called “Curb Stomp.” It was banned for reasons of kids being influenced to do the move, and because it can seriously injure wrestlers. The move coming back was a real surprise to me and many other wrestling fans, because it could mean them bringing back moves that are banned.  

There are 4 Wrestling Moves that I feel should come back, some for special occasions, because most wrestlers have a very similar move sets, and some wrestlers have been lacking what made them popular in the first place.

Brainbuster This move is a move where you would land on your head which is very dangerous if not executed properly. The majority of wrestlers who use this move are mostly smaller wrestlers and cruiserweight type wrestlers.

Muscle Buster This move is mostly known, because of wrestler Samoa Joe who used the finisher, until it ended the career of Tyson KIdd as a freak accident, and almost ended up being paralyzed. Joe hasn’t been allowed to use the move since. It would be great for Joe to use the move on his PPV matches or special long matches like the one he had with Roman Reigns for the Intercontinental Championship. Piledriver The Piledriver and its many variations are considered one of the most dangerous moves in all of wrestling, because the dangers of landing on your head and neck and damaging your neck or breaking it, and having your career ended early like Stone Cold Steve Austin who retired early due to a botched piledriver. There are many variations of this dangerous move, but the one that is my favorite and would like to see in a WWE ring one day is the “Flip Piledriver” for the agility required and because of the one receiving it gets back up and delivers one right back to their opponent which is a great spot to see. Additionally many modern wrestlers have used a piledriver as their finisher and they’ve had to use ones that are used by others, so it takes away from what made them great.

Shooting Star Press/450 Splash This move was made for wrestlers who are more agile and do high risk moves, but is a very dangerous move, because of Brock Lesnar almost paralyzed himself in a match with Kurt Angle after performing it. This move is another move used by smaller wrestlers who do high flying moves. The 450 Splash is a move also used by high flyers, but is also dangerous move, because of the rotation it takes to do the move from the top rope.

Unbanning these moves can be good for many of the former independent talent who used to use these moves in their move set to put on a show for the fans, and should be used again to not make some of their matches stale with many of them not having the moves that made them great in the first place. Additionally, with the influx of talent coming in to the company it would be nice to have them keep their moves and get used to the WWE style, and be open to wrestlers using some of the moves that they do best.


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