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Sister’s Choice: Marina and the Diamonds

My little sister and I don’t really agree on what “good music” means,

but once in a while, she manages to surprise me!


So I would not be first to say that Cherry has good taste in music. Most of her favorite artists sound like white noise to me.

Really annoying white noise.

But she recently introduced me to Marina and the Diamonds and I have to say, I was impressed. Besides the vintage feel of her music videos, I like her jarring self-written lyrics and sound that swings from Enya-infused pop to alternative ballads.

My favorite thing about her though is her voice. I like how it’s the focal point of the music instead of functioning as just another synthetic track. She uses her Welsh accent and mezzo soprano range to good effect, switching between a powerful, heavy sound to a breathier, more feminine one effortlessly within the same song, giving the dramatic impression of different ‘characters’ or voices.

And not only that’s but she’s frickin British, so she has my vote! From the dancy, catchy Primadonna Girl to the darker Power and Control to the ballad-like, lilting Numb and Teen Idle, Marina has had her share of recent hits. Here are a few to enjoy as you start your weekend!


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