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So, How Do You Want to Do This?

DnD and it’s currently popularity

“So, how do you want to do this?” asks Matt Mercer to the character that just rolled enough to help finish off the creature they

were fighting.

I have just recently begun catching up on Critical Role, the DnD show were a bunch of, “nerdy ass voice actors get together to

play Dungeons and Dragons,” on Thursday nights.

For those of you that don’t know, Dungeons and Dragons, or abbreviated to DnD, is a roleplaying game where a group of

people get together, and role play characters through different scenarios. These scenarios can be anything the DM, or

Dungeon Master creates. The DM can take the characters and players through many different journeys where the characters

lives can be endangered.

For this post, I will be focusing on the DnD show Critical Role. Critical Role is comprised of voice actors, some more famous

than others, but all fantastic. The gang is led by voice actor Matt Mercer, who has been in many popular games. He most

recently voiced McCree in the video game Overwatch. Other members of the cast include, Travis Willingham, Laura Bailey,

Marisha Ray, Sam Riegel, Liam O’Brien, Talesin Jaffe, and Ashley Johnson. Together, Matt takes them on journeys to many

different places, where they end up fighting mythical creatures.

I am most familiar with the second campaign, as that is the current one and the one I started watching. Each episode is

around 4 hours long, but those 4 hours takes you on a journey. Sometimes the episodes are them fighting monsters, and other

times it’s them going to different shops in whatever town they’re currently in to resupply. This campaign is a gang of very

different creatures, who have all became friends, even if they didn’t expect to. This group is always good together, as they’re all

good friends in real life, and have great voices to accompany their characters. They are able to make it funny, but also

emotional, like at the end of the last campaign, and most recently when, *SPOILER*, Talesins character, a tiefling

Mollymauk, dies saving his friend. Some people may find it funny that fans were so emotional over a character dying, but it’s

just the same as a favorite character on a TV show dying. Mollymauk was a wild character that will be missed by the fans of

the show. His new character however, Caduceus, seems equally as great. (I have yet to meet him, and spoiled myself with

finding out what happened to Mollymauk). Sam Riegel also does crazy ad reads for their sponsor D&D Beyond, you literally

never know what crazy thing he’s going to do! All the characters within this second campaign are amazing, you can’t choose a

favorite! (Lets be real though, Nott the Brave is my fave, and my lil goblin daughter). Their group is called the Mighty Nein.

Sometimes they have friends on such as Khary Patton (from The Walking Dead), and other fellow voice actor, Ashly Burch!

The second campaign is so much fun, and I can’t wait to see where it goes!

Also, for those more interested in reading about their first campaign, instead of watching all 200+ episodes of it, you can read

the origins of all the characters in their graphic novel, Vox Machina: Origins! It’s a great comic! (Ignore the fact the super

problematic Orion Acaba is in the first 15 episodes of campaign 1. There is a whole thing on reddit about why he was asked to

leave, and stuff he has said. The rest of the cast however, are great human beings!)

This year at C2E2, Chicago’s biggest comic convention, I had the pleasure to meet Travis Willingham, and the whole cast of

Critical Role (minus Ashley, as she was busy filming for her show Blindspot). I could barely speak around Travis, and I luckily

could pay card (he even got up and got the card machine for me, from his wifes signing table), so I got an autograph and a

selfie! They were all super sweet, and I was super awkward, because i was so excited! It was a quick but worth every moment!

(Enjoy this photo of me being awks and the gorgeous Critical Role cast!)

(Travis and I where we both look cute!)

If you are ever bored of what’s on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon, please check out Critical Role! It takes you on so many different

adventures, and you never know what Matt has in store for the gang!

Is it Thursday yet?

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