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So you’ve decided to seduce a woman….


So you finally have the courage to go on to the next level with this girl…

Women can be complicated, but if you follow these simple steps we’ll guarantee your night will be successful.

1. Brush your teeth with the finest toothbrush you can find at the market 2. Purchase a pack of c…….andy… after all who doesn’t like candy 3. Eat a large bowl of Lucky Charms, you don’t want your stomach making noises 4. Do a series of pushups (This will help your testosterone flowing) 5. Look at yourself in the mirror and be confident that tonight is your night 6. Suit up 7. Listen to Kings of Convenience to get your romantic juices flowing 8. YOU’RE READY FOR THE NEXT LEVEL

Kings of Convenience is perfect for any occasion, but in particular they make these beautiful soft harmonies that is more than suitable for a romantic encounter. The samba styled acoustics compliments the rhythmic foot tapping and the uncontrollable finger snapping.  We’d recommend you to play “Boat Behind” before the date, “24-25” when the magic is about to happen and of course “Me and You” after the deed is done. And you will definitely want the girl to know you have a great taste in music, so play Kings of Convenience when she’s around… she’ll like that.

And for goodness sake take a listen to the whole album:



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